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For an orphaned child, the most beneficial thing that can be offered to them is education, as it can provide more opportunities for their futures once they leave the orphanage. Having access to education when their resources are low is a great advantage. Classes on English, drawing, music, dance, cooking, and more can be taught, depending on the interest of the volunteer. Volunteers will be responsible for getting the children ready for school, and looking after their general well-being.

Spending quality time with the children can have an enormous impact on their welfare. An average day for a volunteer consists of teaching for a few hours in the mornings and evenings. Afternoons are generally free to spend time with the children who are not at school. Volunteers can also to go the local school and teach, as well as help staff to develop marketing, fundraising, and program strategies for the orphanage. Upon completion of the volunteering program, volunteers have the option to sponsor a child if they chose.

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Volunteer's Experience

BugRobin Kabir Tear-Uk
I was very happy with teaching in Parsadap. The Nepal classes were excellent I just wish I was a faster
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Bug Katherine Allen
What an amazing 2 months probably some of the best of my life! I have so much to thank you for introducing me to two families I will be friends with for life, helping me to gain incredibly valuable ...
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