Women Empowerment

Women as a mother hood of the nation should be strong, aware and alert; that should be the main motto of the nation. Formulating strategies and initiating processes to bring women into the mainstream.

Nepal is a beautiful, small and patriarchal country. Our country nepal is ruled by all the male people and they take the participate in each and every society activities. But female are not allowed to take part in those activities. On the other hand, women are treated as the factory and machine of producing children and doing household work. As Nepal is the poor country and have many religious and culture. So, due to the religious condition also women are discriminate with other. In some religious the daughter are presented to the monastery “gumba”, temple, etc. To make the god happy and worship to the god. They do not have freedom to live their life. Due to which country go backward and male people rule is being strong.

In nepal, it is hard to go outsidefrom the home  to the daughter and women. If they want to go outside from the home they need to hide their face so that other male people couldn’t able to see their face. The family members send brother as a bodyguard to take care of them if they go outside in the market as well. Female people alsa not allowed to study. They were not provided education and all those facilities they require for the development of them. Now a days in city and town side this kinds of rituals were not seen but in rural area we can see this kinds of bad rituals. They won’t see positively if girls go to the school. As a result, women are treated as like non-living thing in our society and woman has no accessibility to get any job such as government and private.

Now a days for the women there are many opportunities because they have got 33% rights to do any kinds of work. Government has also provide many opportunities and support to women. Like in thes vehicles there are at list 3-4 sits for the women. Male are not allowed to sit in those sits. Women has open there own small scale or cottage industry of making mats, clothes, etc. 

Responsibitities of volunteers

- Help in learning english language so that they can understand global woman issues and making woman groups to make them proactive about female program in community.

- Take part in the different kinds of house hold activties like( cooking, broming, washing.........etc)

- Help them to stand on their own legs by sharing about their lives, feeling, culture and religious, nepalese life.

- Discuss and give suggestion about the social issue.

- Aware about the social evil that occur to the girls and women of the society and community.

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Volunteer's Experience

BugRobin Kabir Tear-Uk
I was very happy with teaching in Parsadap. The Nepal classes were excellent I just wish I was a faster
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Bug Katherine Allen
What an amazing 2 months probably some of the best of my life! I have so much to thank you for introducing me to two families I will be friends with for life, helping me to gain incredibly valuable ...
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