Rural Volunteering

Rural Volunteering program is a great package for a every intern and volunteer to connect with very remote hilly area of Nepal, where they will be able to stay with the local resident and involve & connect with their daily life activities. Volunteers get a wonderful opportunity to teach English in the local primary school of that area. S/he can involve in Organic Farming and Animal caring with the host family and get great opportunity for cultural exchange too. For the volunteers with interest and qualification in health sector can also be placed in community health post of same area as internship or volunteering program. S/he can also join women empowerment and environment awareness program as per his/her interest, providing various training and launching campaign.

This package provides every volunteer a great opportunity to explore the remote village area of Nepal, an underdeveloped nation and get involve in various program being in touch with local residents. They can share their knowledge to the locals for their better livelihood. As per their expertise they can also suggest the ways for modern farming techniques, teaching ways, women programs, healthy life and so on. As the placement is located in heart of beautiful hilly region of Nepal, they can go on hiking in nearby hills, swimming in river for refreshment too.

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