Welcome to Future Nepal’s Volunteer Orientation and Placement Program

When you arrive in Nepal, our dedicated Future Nepal representative will warmly greet you at the airport, holding a placard with your name and “Future Nepal” on it. We kindly request that you provide us with your flight information as soon as possible to ensure a timely pickup arrangement.

Upon your arrival in Kathmandu, we offer a comprehensive orientation and training program at the Future Nepal office, lasting from 3 days to 1 week, depending on your chosen program. This training is designed to familiarize volunteers with our organization, various program opportunities, Nepali language and culture, safety protocols, visa guidelines, and general do’s and don’ts. Additionally, we organize daily sightseeing tours around the captivating Kathmandu Valley, providing you with a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage.

During the orientation and training period, you will engage in various activities, including:

  • Daily 2-hour basic Nepali language classes
  • Cultural information and safety briefings
  • Detailed program and placement information tailored to your interests
  • Daily sightseeing excursions in Kathmandu
  • Optional shopping opportunities upon request

After the completion of the orientation and training, we will transfer you to your designated working area. Our experienced staff will accompany you to your host family, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you settle in comfortably.


As part of our placement process, you will have the opportunity to stay with a welcoming Nepali family. You will enjoy traditional Nepali meals twice a day (breakfast and dinner), along with tea and snacks. Typically, your placement will be in proximity to a local school, organization, club, women’s group, or health post. Your daily tasks will involve teaching 3-4 classes, with schools usually operating from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., six days a week. Saturdays are typically free, allowing you to gather with fellow volunteers, share experiences, and explore nearby towns for daily essentials or during longer vacations.

Besides your teaching responsibilities, you can utilize your spare time to organize community-based youth and women’s groups, engaging them in activities that promote the avoidance of plastic materials and raise awareness about income-generating programs.

Target Areas:

We primarily focus on the following areas for our volunteer placements:

  1. Kathmandu Valley: Including suburban and rural parts
  2. Pokhara: A naturally gifted region in western Nepal
  3. Chitwan: Situated approximately 160 km south of Kathmandu
  4. Gorkha: A historical and religious destination in western Nepal
  5. Rasuwa: Along the Langtang mountain trekking trail
  6. Dhading: Naturally gifted but one of the rural most part of Nepal.
  7. Nuwakot, Kavrepalanchook, and various other districts in Nepal based on volunteer interests

Experience the true essence of Nepal while making a positive impact. Join Future Nepal’s volunteer program and embark on a rewarding journey that promotes cultural exchange, personal growth, and meaningful community engagement.