Honoring volunteer for her support in school - Teaching in rural Nepal

Luz Lopez, Mexico

Hi Durga,

Thank you for everything. I have a great time in Nepal. The volunteering in the village and in the school teach me a lot of things. Amrit’s Family was Fantastic, they were very accommodating with. I learned little Nepali however I think they learned more English. Raju and Prem were also very helpful during my stay in Kathmandu and obviously you always responding all my doubts before my trip.

Thank you to all of you. I think I do good friend and I hope can come back someday again.

The best for all you and for the organization you represent.

Best regards,

Luz Lopez

Karen Benavider, Costa Rica

I am 29 years old female nurse from Costa Rica. I spent 1 month in Dhading little village with a lovely and welcomely Nepali family which make the experience 1000% better. I helped them in farm activities, it was a hard work that make you value even more our farmers. Also, I was volunteering in the school where I mostly take care of the kids, helping them to do their tests and some English lessons. After that I was in a Health Post Office where I shared with nurses and doctors the way we care/treat some common diseases, it was a very great experience (Personally and Professionally). In the village everyone is so interesting and know you that language is not a barrier. Just smile and people will feel that you are interested in their stories too. I will highly recommend to do a volunteer here and I will glad to do it again. It was a great honor to me to serve them but to be fair they gave me more than I gave to them. Thank you for this amazing one life time experience.

With all my love, Karen B.

Ahona AnjumBangladesh

My name is Ahona Anjum. I am from Bangladesh. I volunteered in “Future Nepal” for two weeks from 16th March 2019 to 30th March 2019. It was amazing to volunteer here. First couple of days, I stayed in Thamel. Durga was really friendly and also took me to sightsee lots of amazing places. Thanks to her, I also could learn a new language which was nice and helpful for my volunteering experience. My placement was is an orphanage in the outskirts of Kathmandu. I stayed for more than a week. There were 11 children there and all were super friendly and accepting. Staying there I could experience authentic Nepali culture as well as create great relationship with the children. Since they had exams, I taught them subjects like English, Math and Science. I also talk with them regarding serious issues like rape and domestic violence. Furthermore, I also taught two women English. It was a great 2 weeks. Would love to volunteer again.

Pablo G. Capistrano (Spain)

I have spent three months and half in Nepal, for almost two months collaborating with Future Nepal, my experience was great from the first day I arrived, Durga and all the family were so nice and welcoming, the project in Kathmandu at Himalaya School and the library and after at the Eco-Park in Chitwan were great, it’s been very interesting and could experience how helpful is Future Nepal to the community, I learned something new every day and laugh a lot.

Thank you family!! Hope to see you soon!! cheers!!

Carol Abril (Spain)

It was my first voluntary experience. I love Nepal and Raniban area with kind people everywhere. I hope had contributed somehow with the classes and with my energy.
Thanks Durga for your hospitality. I hope you will continue developing your projects. You have good ideas. Best wishes to you and your kind family.

Chui Lee Wong (Malaysia)

It is my first voluntary experience but it will not be last. I’m so blessed that I have been treating like one of your family member. Your family & kids made me feel I’m home always from home. All the wonderful memories will be always in my mind, I will never forget them. Lots of my first time took placed in here such as sifting on the bus’s roof top, seen my first sharing stays in my life, worked in a farm & even teaching Taekwondo class!
I learnt a lot in these its days, met lots of awesome people from all over the world; and what I gained in this trip is definitely priceless!

My Nepali mama, please take care! I will always miss you, papa Bishnu, Divya & Diwash. Such an non our to know everyone of you!
Thanks for everything& God Bless

Estelle Ng (Singapore)

A huge thank you to Durga and family for being such wonderful hosts during my stay in Nepal. Thank you for everything. Wherever I go, I know that I’ll have friends and family on Kathmandu/Chitwan. I’ll definitely miss your dhal bhaat and tea. I wish Future Nepal all the best and please, let’s stay in touch. Will definitely drop by if/when I return to Nepal in future.
Much love,

Carlota, Anna, Clara, Arianda (Spain)

This has been an incredible experience getting to know the Nepalese culture and this wonderful country has made us feel really lucky. We felt welcome at all times and we really appreciate what your family has done for us. You made us feel special, as if we were at home. When we come back from the Orphanage we realize how much we missed you! You are our Nepalese family and we will never forget these amazing movements that we shared. Hope you can come to Spain someday. We will miss you!
Namaste, Thank you Divya and Durga!!

Linnea (Sweden)

This has truly been an memorable experience!
To get to know Nepalese culture, people and their lives has been so interesting. I hope many more volunteers will come to have this experience. It does change some perspectives. I am very glad to have gotten to know the women in women group and also the children in the school, although they were surprisingly good at English. I also want to thank for all help and friendliness I have received, thanks and good luck to Future Nepal!!

Ayse Ozkaya (Turkish)

I find the WWH from internet and I connect to Future Nepal. Durga is surprising me because I found answer of my questions always in short time. I was so happy. Durga is a nice person, very friendly and she piked me up and brought to monastery. She is making her job seriously. I requested her to see local house and she brought me her community. I was so happy with this her behavior. Because at least I learnt how the inside of is house, how is the life style in Nepal. Thank you

Olena Wrzesnewskyj-Cottrell

My trip to Nepal was an amazing cultural experience thanks to Future Nepal Friendship Organization. Working at the Eco Farm for three weeks was filled with hard work, laughter and friendship. Bishnu made sure all the volunteers got the most out of their experience living on the farm, offering expeditions outside of the village such as hiking and visiting the national park. Farming volunteers worked early mornings and evenings as it was too hot to work during the days. Our work consisted of weeding, cultivating the soil and planting crops. I highly recommend, to anyone who is interested in sustainable development and agriculture, to explore this adventure!

Julie Penin (France)

I worked for 2 months with Future Nepal. As my first experience as a volunteer, I am delighted about how everything went. I planned on teaching for 2 weeks at the monastery, then teaching for 4 weeks in a primary school and finally 2 weeks at the orphanage.
Everything was so well organized and everyone very friendly. Thank you very much Durga for your support and happy mood. I would recommend you to anyone who’s looking for volunteer work in Kathmandu.
I wish Future Nepal all the best for the future. Continue to develop your projects. You are doing amazing things for Nepali people. All my love.

Racheal (UK)

Dear Future Nepal, thank you for all your kindness and support you have given me . The experience I received is at storing and I am impressed by the NGO is comment to supporting and changing peoples lives have in Nepal.

I was very happy with the arrangement which whereby the NGO who to be able to volunteer in Nepal to provide change to peoples likes rest future.
I have had the best experience here in helped as a volunteer from wonderful ability to teach future nursing students in Nepal. I am very grateful for Nepal to all allow volunteering on the behalf. I hope to return again. Thank you.

Yiming Huang (China)

I worked for 2 weeks with Future Nepal. It is my first time to do volunteer in Nepal. I like beautiful environmental in Nepal and all of students. All I have seen in Nepal are so interesting. Thanks for Future Nepal!

Krishna Joshi (USA)
I really enjoyed my time at monastery teaching English to 3 different classes. I soon used to the 5am wake up going and chatting, was also to enjoy the company of the monks outside of lesson and get an insight into life as a monk. Teaching English required me to think on the great and was challenging at times, but I soon get used to it. I wish I could have stayed longer than 2 weeks so the monks had more continue in their. I would recommend volunteering were and Future Nepal gives a warm welcome to volunteers when you first arrive, which really helped me settle into a new country.

Xiao Feng Zhang (China)

It was a good time when we worked. It was the time that I couldn’t forget in my whole life. And I hope that Nepal will become stronger.

Zhi Jiam Xie (China)

It’s a great experience for me to meet many Chinese friends and foreigners and visit the Nepal culture. I believe I can’t forget this trip which makes me crazy. And I played with the children who are so cute and beautiful. Thanks to for this trip.

Jianhua Chen (China)

Nepal, the charming country. I’m so glad that I can been here. I stay here for two weeks. And teach the local children, play games with them. What a nice experience. I hope I can be a volunteer and do more meaningful things for local children.

Pieere Li (China)

It was my first voluntary experience in my whole life and I will never forget about it. Bishnu and Durga are so kind and enthusiastic couples. You are contributing the voluntary activities, you are helping for the children and i have learned a lot from you. Best wish!