Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer donating study and sports material to rural school
We have been providing the volunteering opportunities to hundreds of volunteers all around the world in following categories
    • Rural Volunteering
    • Teaching English in Rural Village
    • Women Empowerment Training
    • Health post Volunteering
    • Cultural Exchange
    • Environment Awareness
    • Teaching in monastery
    • Organic farming and permaculture
Through these projects huge number of volunteers have created a very positive impact in life of Nepalese women and children. Volunteer teaching English and other subject in local school and monasteries have increased the quality of English spoken among students. Teaching them with a different approach than the typical Nepali education system had increased their involvement in study and educational activities which is a very positive signal for better performance of students. Similarly, the women empowerment programs had helped the local women to involve in various self-employment activities. Various volunteers in different time had provided different income generation training such as sewing-knitting training, marketing training, public speaking training, etc. They also provided awareness on family health, women’s rights, and access to resources and other challenges women face in their daily lives. This had improved the life of many women’s whom we got linked with. Many of them have opened their own business and are now financially independent too. Generally Medical Volunteer with degree of medicine, nursing, etc. also involved in our health post volunteering program where they provided very good services in rural village of Nepal. As in rural area of Nepal, health worker generally doesn’t arrive in health post on time and don’t stay in health post even during the office hour, our volunteers had served even in such time for effective health care of community people and saved lots of life. We post volunteers in rural area where people can’t afford to buy vegetables and other crops. Hence, the locals involve in organic farming by themselves. Volunteers gets a very good opportunity to involve in typical organic farming of Nepal and exchange their knowledge of modern technique of farming. This had also improved the production quantity of our local farmers. Nepal is rich in culture. Being a land of 125 caste and ethnicity and many religions, Nepalese performs many types of cultural activities, which had been the very good platform for international volunteers for the cultural exchange program.