Teaching English Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in School

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to teach English to children in government schools and local organizations, recognizing that children are the future of our nation. Future Nepal has extended support to several schools and children’s resource centers, catering to kids aged 8 to 16. Each class typically comprises 30-40 students, and volunteers are encouraged to follow the standard curriculum based on students’ textbooks while also having the creative freedom to develop their own lesson plans. Depending on the subject, volunteers should bring teaching materials like picture books, musical instruments, flashcards, art supplies, and songs to make learning engaging and fun.

In addition, our Resource Center serves as a vital hub, offering library resources and English language programs to members of the local community. Here, we conduct multiple three-month English classes for both youth and adults, catering to individuals at various proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced learners. These programs also provide foreign English teachers with an opportunity to enhance their conversational English skills.