Environment awarness and cleanness

After completing an extensive week-long training program, our dedicated volunteers embark on a transformative journey as they are warmly placed with a welcoming Nepali family in one of the program villages. These homestays offer an authentic and immersive experience, typically located just a short one to half-hour journey away from the local school or Environmental Post.

Each day, from Sunday through Friday, volunteers assume a vital role in teaching environmental awareness within the Nepali village. This educational outreach takes various forms, which we tailor to match each volunteer’s areas of expertise and the specific needs of the local community. This includes but is not limited to creating ‘green’ clubs, fostering the growth of vibrant flower gardens, tree planting initiatives, managing waste and introducing recycling programs, and providing essential training in the use of eco-friendly materials such as jute and paper bags. Moreover, our dedicated volunteers are strongly encouraged to introduce their own ideas, skills, and knowledge regarding pressing environmental issues, fostering a rich exchange of insights and expertise to create a more sustainable future for these vibrant communities.