Karen Benavider, Costa Rica

I am 29 years old female nurse from Costa Rica. I spent 1 month in Dhading little village with a lovely and welcomely Nepali family which make the experience 1000% better. I helped them in farm activities, it was a hard work that make you value even more our farmers. Also, I was volunteering in the school where I mostly take care of the kids, helping them to do their tests and some English lessons. After that I was in a Health Post Office where I shared with nurses and doctors the way we care/treat some common diseases, it was a very great experience (Personally and Professionally). In the village everyone is so interesting and know you that language is not a barrier. Just smile and people will feel that you are interested in their stories too. I will highly recommend to do a volunteer here and I will glad to do it again. It was a great honor to me to serve them but to be fair they gave me more than I gave to them. Thank you for this amazing one life time experience.

With all my love, Karen B.