Women program and children library

Introducing Future Nepal’s Children’s Library in Scenic Sunkhani Village

Future Nepal is proud to announce the opening of a new children’s library in the enchanting Sunkhani village, nestled within the picturesque hills of Dhading. Located approximately 100 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu, this naturally beautiful region offers stunning vistas of Ganesh Himalaya and numerous other unnamed Himalayan peaks, along with captivating waterfalls, diverse landscapes, and rich flora and fauna. Sunkhani is a community facing significant economic challenges, with diverse ethnic groups, including Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Newar, and Brahman.

The local government schools provide only the most basic educational tools such as blackboards, textbooks, pencils, and paper. The primary objective of our library is to serve as a valuable learning resource for the children of this community. To fulfill this mission effectively, we are in need of a wide variety of books and educational materials.

We wholeheartedly invite volunteers to support this library by assisting in its operations, teaching children, providing children’s books and materials, making donations, and more. Your contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of these children and help create a brighter future for the Sunkhani village.