volunteers constructing idols

We are opening a new project for volunteers. This project is for all International volunteers including Nepali volunteers. For this Project volunteers works with village people In this village Volunteers create ideas and apply them. We want to introduce villages around the world built by volunteers. For this stone project volunteers help build green park , Green road, playgrounds, Gardens, Research centers, Education Center, Income Training Center, Health care Center, Tower, Beach in the river, Sports fields etc. In this project any support group, volunteers
think and minimum collect one kg. stone or Rs. 1 per day each person on this project to build and success the project. This type of program can be done any part of the nation. First we make stone committee then program. Program may be one week to extend one year. If we go 1 month to 1 year program called stone revolution. If you go 1 day to 1 month called stone festival. This concept developed and designed first time in Nepal by Bishnu Prasad Poudel. This concept first applied in Meghauli-8, Chitwan. Which is perfectly success. We want to apply this
type of program most part of Nepal in future.

Stone Festival at Meghauli Village :
Future Nepal wants to make the people aware of the importance for stones. So they developed the concept of the stone Project . Future Nepal has started to apply this ‘stone project’ in our village. It has selected committee members and have decided to hold the ‘ stone festival’ at the Meghauli Village in Chitwan on March. 5th, 6th 7th for 3 days which is the very first festival and distinguish of it’s kind in Nepal. The village community has embraced the project with open arms. If we join our hands we can achieve anything. As we all know ‘an ocean starts with a drop of water’ – so also can a community start with one stone . Every foundation starts with a stone — so that is very important. Stones can be found everywhere in the village area so why not use these stones to start developing our village.

What is the Stone Project :
The aim of this project is to develop our village ourselves. We have asked each person to donate Rupees 1.- per day or one kilo of stones per day that would mean per person 365 Rupees or 365 kilos of stones per year or donate 3 days volunteer work. Those wishing to donate more are welcome to do so. We use the stones and money to develop the most important areas in the village — like parks, children’s library, retirement home, orphanage home, irrigation, school, roads and bridges and much more. Why don’t you come and join us and help us in our new ‘ stone project’. We hope that our, help ourselves ‘stone project’ will one day become Nepal wide Community.